The Women Who Persisted in Charleston

From left to right, Courtney O'Leary, Peggy Krosby Neville-Rosa, Danielle Vinson, Amy Rodriguez, Hailey Ezekiel, Denise Doyle, Ali Titus, Liz Chafin and Krista Engler, and not pictured, Chase Glenn.

Meet the nine women and one man who helped make the Sister March here in Charleston a reality. Each person here was a force of determination and most of us met for the first time through our mutual interest and passion for fostering activism here at home. In less than two weeks, we helped grow the grassroots event from 20 to well over 3,000 attendees on a rainy Saturday in the heart of the South. Together we lobbied for permits collaborating with federal and city Parks, Police and City departments, arranged for insurance and police escorts, procured staging, sound and toilets, wrote press releases, made media appearances on all major networks, created a strong social media network, sourced out sponsorship to fund unexpected costs, hosted two poster making events, designed, printed and distributed posters and flyers, printed and sold event t-shirts, arranged for 12 talented and experienced activists to speak on a wide range of issues, organized and trained a team of over 40 volunteers to marshal the crowds and focused our event on the themes of community, activism and equality. It was a massive undertaking that was a huge success thanks to the diverse talents and abilities of our team and our universal passion for making a positive change.

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