Silence Is Not Golden: Why Women Leaders Can't & Won't Be Silenced

Even with images of an ocean of women washing over our nation's capital on January 21, 2017 going viral, delightfully bombarding us on our social media feeds...they ask us to stay quiet. With the voices of Nancy, Nina, Kirsten and Maxine ringing ever louder from the campaign stump and capitol hill...they try and shout us down. On the ground, in New Jersey, Virginia, Oklahoma and even in South Carolina, women have become the leaders and builders of many movements striving for justice and equality. We women have become marchers, on a mission to fight tyranny, misogyny, white supremacy, transphobia, poverty and of course, the patriarchy.

We've found our voices. We've pick up the mic to recite, by chapter and verse, our collective feminist doctrine only to hear the piercing, ringing feedback of out-of-touch male voices reminding us to wait our turn.

This knee-jerk reflex to silence and erase women and our contributions is as infuriating as it is out-of-step. But, the numbers don't lie. You see, women are becoming leaders of grassroots movements, political candidates and architects of groundbreaking initiatives at record rates world wide. The presumed result? More cooperation, a more peaceful world, equal pay and fewer conflicts, to name a few.

This past year has presented women with countless opportunities to fine-tune their leaderships skills. Our communities are now filled with experienced organizers and future candidates. Our steady ascent to the main stage would serve as a prescient warning to those wholly invested in patriarchal norms, if they cared to look a these trends. If recent behavior is any indication, it appears we haven't made our case clear enough.

For many women and our allies, there's too much at stake for us not to join the fight. There's a new found ferocity in our voices that has unsettled some and that's unfortunate. As time moves forward, it is my sincere hope that those critical of our actions will spend more time organizing with us and less time admonishing us for our choices.

Lives and our civil rights are hanging in the balance. So excuse us if we fight fire with fire - - -we simply don't care to have your permission lead the revolution.

#empowerment #feminism #leadership #activism #womensmarch #charleston

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